Weekly Prep & Meal Planning

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Weekly prep and meal planning is so important.  It can save so much time and money.  I have noticed if I don't take the time to plan my meals and my grocery shopping, I wind up going to the grocery store 1-2 extra times (that is precious time and more than likely more money than you would have spent than if you had planned your shopping trips.)  I use a worksheet that helps me plan my meals and make my grocery list at the same time. It seems like you have an idea of what you are going to have for dinner at least a few days in advance, it is just one less thing you need to think about.  

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What about prepping meals?

I will prep some ingredients for meals especially lunches on the weekend, but I do prefer to make as much "fresh" as I can just prior to eating the meal.  I have never been much of a "leftovers" kind of person, so prepping too much food in advance is a turn off for me.  
The ingredients I like "prepped" are: 
Assorted veggies like carrots, celery, broccoli (these can all be bought partially prepped as well). My husband likes to have quinoa and "healthy bean salad" in the refrig at all times.  They are perfect for quick lunches and after workout meals.  I always have a container of Healthy Granola on hand that I make myself and bag or 2 of shredded chicken in the freezer.  The shredded chicken is perfect for tacos, stir fries, added to chili or soup, or to mix in a salad.  

Prepping and planning, even if it is a little bit can save you precious Time & Money. Send us your email address and we will send you are meal prepping and grocery list worksheets.